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The Journey is a cutting-edge transformation and healing method pioneered by internationally acclaimed, best-selling author, speaker and mind-body-healing expert, Brandon Bays.

It offers a uniquely potent set of tools for awakening and liberating our infinite human potential. The work has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide free themselves from issues like anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, chronic anger and rage, physical illnesses, addictions and unhealthy behaviours, sexual or physical abuse, relationship problems and procrastination and career underperformance.

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Hear what people from all over the world are experiencing...

Hear what people from all over the world are experiencing...

The Journey has been creating extraordinary transformation in people's lives for more than 20 years. Watch the video now and find out how it can help you too.

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The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

By Dr. Mitali Upadhye, Homoeopathic Consultant In June 2013 I was diagnosed with an Ovarian Cancer. Initially it was a huge shock: "How could I get cancer?!?“ Until then I was blissfully under the misconception that my medical degree gave me complete immunity against any such life threatening diseases! It was time for me to be on the other side of the consulting table. It was an emergency and ...

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The Body’s Cry For Help - Cancer

The Journey Is Not For People With Casual Interest

If you’re just looking for the positive thinking seminars or superficial methodologies, The Journey may not be not for you. To really get what is on offer here you must genuinely, authentically want to come home to yourself. You have to be ready to roll up your sleeves, and dive in… It’s not the place for people of casual or flitting interest. As Brandon humorously explains: “If some people rea ...

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The Journey Is Not For People With Casual Interest