5 tips on how to deal with blame in your daily life

There are many areas in our lives in which we can place blame. Our upbringing, our school, our religions and cultures…

It’s so easy to react critically, and it’s even easier to let your negative feelings leak out of you like a faucet. Things like blame, judging, and criticising are be bad habits that feel impossible to rewire.

5 tips on how to deal with blame in your daily life

If you’re ready to stop blaming and start accepting, here’s how a few tips to change your unhealthy behaviors into positive ones.

1. Breathe

Instead of reacting quickly to a situation or automatically blaming someone, take a deep breathe and slow down. It will give you some time to listen, learn, and observe what’s really going on instead of just reacting.

2. Think of the positive intent

Always think of the positives. If nothing positive is gained from you speaking out, then it might be best to not say anything at all.

3. Speak from the heart

Start speaking from your heart instead of speaking from a place like pain and blame. How do you really feel? It’s easy to let your negative feelings leak out, but try to explain how you really feel. What’s really driving these negative emotions?

4. Accountability

If you feel triggered, and you will, be held accountable. It’s completely normal to lash out, but afterwards, reflect on what happened. Go through any process, be it mental, physical or meditation, that can help you become more clear and teach you how to speak with positive intent.

5. Keep practicing

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Changing your outlook takes time, so keep practicing and take baby steps. Eventually, these small changes will move to big ones.

With a little help, you’ll be able to make these changes moving forward and tap into that deep love that is inside of you. 

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