The Journey Is Not For People With Casual Interest

If you’re just looking for the positive thinking seminars or superficial methodologies, The Journey may not be not for you. To really get what is on offer here you must genuinely, authentically want to come home to yourself. You have to be ready to roll up your sleeves, and dive in… It’s not the place for people of casual or flitting interest.

The Journey Is Not For People With Casual Interest

As Brandon humorously explains: “If some people realized what true enlightenment, freedom, liberation – give it any name you want – means, they’d be running for the doors!”

It comes at the cost of staying absolutely still, no matter what. Sometimes that means staying still and silent in the core of your deepest emotions, your worst fears, your biggest pains… And then, in spite of it all still chosing to surrender.

Watch the video below, where Brandon explains it all perfectly.

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