Greatness I

Authentic Greatness is an intense immersion designed with only one thing in mind: to bring out the highest and deepest, the absolute best in you, so you can live your life with meaning, passion and purpose – the way you were always ultimately destined to live it. This 8-day retreat shows you how to experience your natural genius on a daily basis. Imagine waking up every day fulfilled, satisfied and living with real purpose.

Prerequisite: No Ego

Uncover your infinite potential and reveal your innate genius

We are all born with greatness, a genius capacity that knows itself as infinite potential. Due to life’s traumas, hardships and negative conditioning, we bury that greatness deep inside – we cover it over so completely that we can no longer access it, or we even forget about it completely! This 8-day day retreat shows you how to experience your natural genius on a daily basis.

8-day retreat with Kevin Billett

Give yourself the gift of a life lived in freedom and authenticity – and share it with others

If you are longing to live life as a true expression of your infinite potential, join us at Authentic Greatness I where we will:
  • clear every block we can find that keeps us small
  • heal every bit of negative conditioning that restrains us or keeps us locked in fear, self-diminishment or pretense
  • examine and clear the very specific patterns that cause us to knee-jerk react to life, that trigger us into habitually repeating past mistakes and compromise the soul’s innate largeness

Become a shining example of conscious transformation with loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients
Set yourself free to truly soar as a complete expression of creativity, inspiration and wholeness

At Authentic Greatness 1, we will:

  • Discover how and why we have been playing small, or faking largeness, and learn organic ways to step into our own ego-free greatness
  • Uncover and change our deepest negative beliefs about who we are, what we are and why we are here
  • Pull the rug on our victim, blame and defense games, let go of painful reactions and learn how to respond openly and positively to life
  • Handle crises and traumas with openness, trust and effectiveness
  • Debunk our tendency to play painful and counterproductive games of control, compliance and resistance in life
  • Align our deepest values with our purpose and our vision

What graduates of the Authentic Greatness retreat say:

I Am Totally Blown Away by the Shift and Awareness I Feel

I am totally blown away by the shift and awareness I feel. There was so much difference between my mind’s projection of my needs and what my body’s needs were.

Tom Cole, ON

Workshop sai aikaan perusteellisen paranemisen, syvemmän tietoisuuden tason ja tyyneyden

Olen elänyt koko elämäni harhaluulossa, että masennus on geeneistä johtuva pakkotila, perintö jota ei pääse pakoon ja asia, jonka tulisin myös siirtämään omille lapsilleni. Osallistuttuani Kevin Billettin työpajaan, pystyin tunnistamaan tämän epätoivotun perinnön juurisyyt ja repimään ne ulos perusteellisesti. Työpaja auttaa erottamaan totuuden myyteistä oman kokemuksen kautta ja tarjoaa helposti lähestyttäviä ja äärimmäisen toimivia keinoja masennuksen ilmenemismuotojen kanssa työskentelyyn, niin omassa elämässäni, kuin käytettäväksi asiakkaiden kanssa työssäni Journey Practitioner tunneterapeuttina.

Nicki Forman-Levitan, Joogaopettaja ja Journey Practitioner tunneterapeutti

I Now Have Something that I Can Offer a Patient

I now have something that I can offer a patient that can take them all the way. I don’t proclaim to be able to fix anybody, or that I have the magic secret or elixir. What I merely say to my patients is go and read Brandon Bays’ book. If the book speaks to you, if you understand what the message is, come back and then we’ll do a Journey process. I believe the Journey is logical, unique, simple, effective and incredibly cutting-edge.

Mark Naim, MD, General Practitioner