E-Motion and Trauma Clearing

with Dorothe Trassl

Experience the powerful healing combination of trauma yoga and body work techniques. In a brand new seminar experience this extraordinary method to uncover and fully release deep-seated cell memories. Suitable for bodies of all shapes and sizes, ages and stages of health and fitness. Come home to yourself, and dance in pure freedom!

Join us for a weekend of astounding freedom and release!

In a deeply healing two-and-a-half-day seminar, E-Motion expert Dorothe Trassl will guide you through the extraordinary techniques of cellular release of trauma held in the body. Experience an entirely new healing modality that uproots deep-seated cell memories – maybe imprinted traumas and hurts that have remained unaccessed – allowing them to be uncovered, released and completely resolved.

Who is it for:


Clear out every last cellular vestige of emotional, physical or mental trauma!

If you have ever felt that some emotional issue has been inaccessible…If your prayer is to fully and completely heal at every level of your being…If you would like to support your body to clear even the deepest emotional blocks and traumas…this beautiful seminar offers a physically gentle yet incredibly effective release of memories and emotions that can lodge deep inside the body. Safe for every body at every age, shape and physical condition.

What are the benefits:

  • Target and banish deep-seated long standing physical and emotional blockages
  • Fully clear cellular consciousness of emotional, physical and mental traumas and hurts
  • Learn how to elegantly support healing with a Journey process that includes movement, trembling and touch

What happens at the workshop:

  • Undergo supremely gentle body work, shaking, trauma yoga and trembling that involves the physical body more intensely and allows you to release more deeply
  • Experience the phenomenally healing combination of Journey process with touch and movement
  • Learn how to use your own body and energy to support others to release stored trauma and stuck emotions

How will you feel afterwards

  • Radical emotional and physical healing
  • Profound connection with and trust in the body
  • Deep cellular-level cleansing
  • Release from issues you may not even have recognized you were carrying
  • Empowered to be yourself and live healthily in joy

What graduates of E-Motion and Trauma Clearing say:

The E-motion and Trauma Clearing Retreat was amazing

Dorothe created a sacred and safe environment and in the company of fellow Journey Practitioners and Dorothe’s expertise, everyone could really let go and let the body do what it needed to do. 

The most profound effect of the workshop for me was that all the tension I had been carrying in my body all my life just disappeared and hasn’t come back since. It’s been three months since the workshop and there is still no tension in my body. The feeling of spaciousness and relaxation inside the body is so sweet…

Immediately after coming back from the workshop my clients started reflecting the results of my own opening - many times their bodies started to release trauma at some stage of their process and all I needed to do, was to just welcome this, knowing how clearing and healing it is.

Ivana, Slovakia

This weekend was sooooo deep and amazing. And somehow magically by-passed my intellect! Thank you a million times!

It’s hard to find words for it .... and something has definitely changed within me. .... My patients reflect this and things happen in the treatments that I can’t "control or notice" .... but when I get feedback after the treatments, I am astounded. A huge massive thank you for the magic that you have created for us !!!!!!

Uta, Germany