How To Experience More Bliss In Your Life

If you live a very active lifestyle, it’s almost too easy to get caught up in the stress that comes with it. Trying to balance a family, a career, a social life… this isn’t easy.

In fact, you might even be noticing that you’re too drained to even enjoy yourself. You’re always thinking ahead or looking back, but never truly appreciating the now.

How To Experience More Bliss In Your Life

We are rarely present in the moment. Instead, we are always thinking about how to manage the future, and always trying to be one step ahead.

To experience bliss and love we must be present and bring all our awareness to the moment.

How do we do this?

Find an appropriate time and place and decide to pause, to stop all thinking and doing for a while. Bring all of your presence and awareness to the here and now, to this instant in time. Close your eyes and turn all awareness inside, then relax and invite your thinking mind to slowly release, unwind, slow right down… until it comes to rest. Let go inwards, completely surrender to the moment.

You will notice that there is always an undercurrent of stillness and peace, it is the cradle in which all life experiences appear. Then, if you continue to surrender inwards, a sense of spacious well-being, an ‘is-ness’ will arise. If you allow yourself to fall right into this you’ll find bliss is its essence.

Whenever you allow yourself to be fully present, when you stop all resistance to or struggle with what is, you will find you are guided in a very natural, fluid way and everyday tasks, from menial things to complicated procedures will get done more easily, even effortlessly.

If we focus our attention to the moment and surrender to the task at hand, it will allow your whole being and body to be calm, at ease. Natural joy, bliss and peace will arise out of just being present.

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