Out of The Blue

How to effectively deal with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Are you someone who regularly feels worried, stressed or depressed? Does your mind keep you tense with thoughts and images of what ‘might’ go wrong, do you feel tired, fed-up or have you simply lost the joy of day-to-day life?

The Out of the Blue seminar will help you learn the truth about the underlying causes of these unhealthy patterns, habits or life experiences. You will learn steps that put you on the path towards more clarity, peace-of-mind and ease. And you’ll develop some priceless skills to get you back on the road to freedom and fulfilment.

How to Effectively Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is the number one mental health issue in North America to date.
Prescription medications are being taken by 65% of North Americans daily to purposefully alter their emotions and their moods. As drugs are not able to soften or enhance specific emotions without affecting all emotions, those who take anti-depressants are often left in a haze, feeling numbed out or disconnected emotionally.

The Journey’s Out of the Blue seminar helps you discover how you can begin to heal from past events that have shut you down, kept you anxious or worried or feeling depressed. During this seminar you will learn the truth about what set up your unhealthy compensatory behaviours in the first place, which beliefs have kept you locked in repetitive disempowering patterns and which specific emotions are costly for you to ignore or avoid.

Join us. Come discover how you can begin to support your personal transformation using The Journey Method.

This seminar is an entry-level Journey event, open to everyone.

Learn how to live a stress-free life
full of health and vibrancy

Kevin Billett is CEO of The Journey and is married to Brandon Bays. He has been a key figure in the development of The Journey and its method since the mid-1990s.

Kevin suffered from chronic depression for more than 20 years until he used The Journey’s tools to discover its root cause and finish with the pattern completely. He is a living example of liberation from depression, and has lived depression free, with a sense of joy and deep fulfillment since1994.

Using specially designed techniques and process work from The Journey, Out of the Blue seminar offers you the very real possibility of becoming aware and shifting what set up the causes of Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the first place.

You will learn how to uncover and clear these unhealthy behaviours, beliefs and suppressed emotions and shift them for empowered healthy decisions. Emotional vibrancy adds to life’s experiences. Having access to all emotions and feeling free to express them in conscious ways brings about an authentic expression of who you are and how you experience life.

Decide, now, to support yourself and
give yourself the gift of freedom.

Give yourself the gift
of living a calmer, more peaceful and fulfilled life

Out of the Blue seminar offers a unique approach to unwinding and clearing away old social conditioning unwittingly adopted from families, friends, society and other influencers. During this two-day seminar you will discover which specific core beliefs you have innocently believed and acted upon that keep you stressed, anxious and depressed.

It is time to create a fresh new belief system, one that you have consciously chosen. It is time honour your deepest emotions so you no longer need to hide, suppress or manage your experiences.

Being authentic takes courage. Out of the Blue will teach you how to be that real with yourself and others so you can live a peaceful and inspired life.

At Out of the Blue you will learn:

  • Why Stress, Anxiety and Depression are so common in today’s world
  • The real causes of Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • What social conditioning is and the impact it has on your emotional and physical health
  • How to effectively manage sleep distress, worry, hurt, negative self-talk, exhaustion, moodiness and more…
  • How to clear unhealthy beliefs that cause fatigue, burnout or panic attacks
  • Strategies to have more energy, confidence, joy and happiness in your life

What graduates of Out of the Blue say

The workshop evoked a profound healing and a deeper state of awareness and stillness

“I’ve lived an entire lifetime under the erroneous belief that depression was a genetic inevitability, an inescapable inheritance, and one which I would see transmitted to my children. After participating in the workshop with Kevin Billett, I managed to identify the roots of this unwanted legacy, and rip it out from the very core. The workshop helps to distinguish the myths from empirical fact, and gives accessible and effective tools to deal with patterns of depression both personally as well as for use as a Journey Practitioner with clients.”

Nicki Forman-Levitan, Yoga teacher and Journey Practitioner

Eloquent processes that empower you to experience emotions in a full, safe and complete way

“Kevin’s ‘Out of the Blue’ theory of Depression and associated treatment is both refreshing and viable, empowering individuals to grow by releasing previously suppressed, blocked, avoided emotions, unhelpful beliefs and ineffectual coping strategies. Resulting in the capacity to open, allow and trust in the experience of negative Emotions, understanding that emotions like fear, anger, devastation can have the freedom to be felt and let pass. Previously these suppressed, avoided emotions were being stored as cellular memories in the body, contributing greatly to physical Dis Ease and the manifestation of the condition referred to as Depression.”

Dr Sian Dines, Clinical Psychologist